Why meditate

Maharani Ji transmits light energy in the form of energy healing and multiple blessings ignited through an internal flame of our very inner temple, thus liberating the self from endless layers of torment and suffering

Her meditation, therefore, is a Divine Gift.

When practising this meditation, you will come into the awareness of Supreme Grace and you will open your true nature with the love of self (Atma Prem).

If the mind is not turned in that direction towards God, there will be silliness, ignorance, pain and suffering. As the mind runs after the gratification of desires it becomes uncontrollable and brings endless suffering. By the repetition of the Divine name, Shree Maharani Ji, and practising her meditation, this process of liberation can be achieved.

All names given to God have the same power and you can reach your destination by taking the name of Maharani Ji. The more intense your sadhana (spiritual practice), the quicker you reach God’s Kingdom. Take it lightly, and you take more time

By taking God’s name, the pull of the ego is vanquished. Karma, accumulated over eons, negative patterns and intoxicating desires are relinquished and wiped out, just as lighting a lamp illuminates a cave that has been dark for centuries. In the same way, the obscurity of births is annihilated by the power of the Divine name

In this practice, we teach an ancient technique which is simple and easy that gives instant results for both beginners and those well versed in meditation.

Michael Bernard, along with Dr Francis Valloor, brings you through the supreme technique originally taught by Maharani Ji. Both have been practising and teaching for over 20 years.

We teach this form as it is a powerful meditation which awakens the spiritual power within us. It is also cleansing and detoxing both of ourselves and our chakra centres which in turn provides the rewards of physical and mental well-being.

The results are astonishing, and the testimonials speak volumes. A gift Shree Maharani Ji brings to us is to help sentient beings remember their true self, their essential essence, to their truth and original purpose When you practise this meditation, you will come into the awareness of the Supreme Grace and you will open your true nature with the love of self (Atma Prem). The compassion of self is liberation in itself

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