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Marie O’Neill

I am a holistic therapist practising Reiki,i have being practicing meditation with Mataji for almost 5 years. I play the Sound Healing bowls at our Thursdays meditation group I also practice in , Angelic Healing, Relaxation Techniques and Indian Head Massage. These therapies are offered intuitively with kindness and compassion, bringing relaxation, healing and positive changes to mind, body and soul.


Caroline is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, through private consultations utilising one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems she empowers her clients to manage their health back to balance and wellbeing.

Caroline also runs a busy Health Food store and is an award winning weight management consultant.


Brian Francis Xavier Shelly has been a practitioner and meditator of the Maha Ji Yoga Meditation for a number of years. Through the sacred teachings and initiation of the meditation via Shree Mata Ji, Brian has realized self and has gone on to become a master and scholar of Vedic Astrology. Qualifying as a Bachelor of Micro-Electronic Engineering (BEng Honours Degree) from UCD university,

he works extensively in the field of nano-electronic architectural design for an industry-leading microelectronics company, and is recognized globally as an innovator and thought leader in his field. Brian also works closely with the Maha Ji Yoga Meditation community and team as a practitioner and events coordinator of the Maha Ji Yoga Meditation.


Peter is a Yoga teacher and Sports Physiotherapist specialising in injury prevention, recovery and soft tissue therapy. Peter is passionate about making the traditional tools of yoga accessible to everyone of all ages and abilities. Integral to his practice is a

deep commitment to meditation which, combined with yoga postures, and conscious breathwork (pranayama) brings about a sense of inner peace, harmony, and balance in everyday life.


Dr Francis Valloor is a leading Clinical Psychologist in private practice. Having done extensive professional training in America, his work experience has spanned over 33 years in the US, Ireland and India. He has helped and trained men and women from some 30 countries.

A former Jesuit for 36 years, he succeeded Anthony de Mello as the Director of Sadhana Institute, an international centre for psychology and spirituality in India, a position he held for 14 years. Beginning a practice of yoga in childhood, and teaching it subsequently, he has studied and practised Hindu, Buddhist and Christian spirituality and meditation for many years under eminent teachers, mentors and guides.

He was Scholar in Residence at Marquette University in Milwaukee and a Visiting Scholar at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana for two years before moving to Ireland.

Having started his writing career at a young age as a contributor of articles to many magazines and newspapers, he has written 6 books on spirituality. They include WHEN THE EYE IS UNOBSTRUCTED – Mindfulness Stories for Awakening, and WALKING WITH TURTLES – Mindfulness Stories for the Spiritual Journey. Francis has held many de Mello inspired Mindfulness/Awareness workshops and retreats worldwide. He is highly specialised in the treatment of traumas, grief, depression and anxiety, and he uses his varied skills and exceptional training to help ease the psychological pains of all kind that people suffer. While maintaining his professional work in face to face sessions and various online platforms, he focuses primarily on his commitment and work as a co director for the Maha Ji Yoga Meditation.

Francis’ kind and amiable nature and gentle presence have been reflected through the gifts of his unique way of teaching and communicating in his previous and present work. He has brought a wealth of knowledge to us all in the Maha Ji Yoga Meditation.


With the greatest respect gratitude and humility, Michael is direct student and disciple of Shree Yamuna Maharani Ji.

He was given Divine initiation and transmission by Shree Yamuna Maharani Ji through the sacred Holy Darshan. He was also given direct permission to bring through Maharani Ji in the medicine of healing and transformation. Michael is also the Co Director of the Maha Ji Yoga Meditation Foundation. He is a dedicated and professional practitioner and healing modalities working with acupuncture medicine and alternative therapies.

He utilises ancient therapies that have been around for thousands of years and fuses them together with the initiation by Maharani Ji to bring through her pure white Divine healing light.He is committed and devoted to working in the energy initiated by Maharani Ji and the Supreme Energy, staying grounded in his practice bringing about overall balance and harmony for people to heal and change their lives.

He has spent time in several countries around the world receiving teaching and training from many masters and sages. Michael has also received many diplomas working with herbs, acupuncture and other methods of medicine and he has also worked with indigenous tribes and is experienced in native American Indian practices and spiritual ceremonies.

Michael runs a very busy prevention and wellness clinic, with a waiting list of up to two to three months. He also finds time from his busy clinical schedule to work and help many people with serious health conditions in the community in a voluntary role. He dedicates part of his time and services to helping people with life threatening diseases such as cancer and works as a voluntary healing practitioner in the cancer support centre in his country.

He has been the first and foremost student of Shree Yamuna Maharani Ji and has for many years travelled extensively across the globe in service and devotion to her healings and teachings.

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