Sacred Essence
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    The Blessed Sacred Essence has been 11 years in the making by Shree Maharani Ji. When Maharani Ji meditates, astral drops appear on her body. This is the essence of the celebration of Divine astral love, which is healing for the soul.

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    It aligns each chakra to one’s higher self while cleansing the internal physical body bringing wellbeing, balance and harmony and connects oneself to the astral embodiment through the source of Divinity.

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    This essence allows the conscious and the subconscious to connect directly with the superconscious and free the soul in all lives.

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    This is one of the highest frequency essences as it comes directly from the Source.

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The Sacred Essence has been a great gift to my life and to many members of my family. It has helped me in so many ways, from anxiety to stress, feeling insecure or unprotected. Sometimes sickness comes like a mystery, and when I take the Sacred Essence, I feel safe and protected. My father was diagnosed with incurable cancer. He could not eat or drink. He was taken into hospital as he took very bad and was not expected to get through the weekend. I requested help and support from Shree Maharani Ji, and she gave me a bottle of Sacred Essence to give to him. And the instructions was for him to take 3 sips of the Sacred Essence. Now my father was old fashioned and had his own ways and beliefs. I wondered how I was going to express this to him. I thought I would have better chance of getting a loan from the bank. But to my amazement he took the Sacred Essence. I asked Maharani Ji for more time for my dad so he could put his affairs in order. When he took the Sacred Essence we sat in the room with him for a little while longer. I could not believe it when my dad was released from hospital on the Tuesday following a weekend where he was not going to make it. And nine months later after attending to his affairs he died peacefully in his sleep. My wishes and request for my dad had come through. The Sacred Essence is truly divine and beyond anybody’s grasp or understanding. It seems to work in so many ways that it is not possible to list in my testimony. Even my mother had the most amazing story to tell the world about the Sacred Essence. But beyond the family, friends and relations, the Sacred Essence has helped even my clients…. I cannot thank Shree Yamuna Maharani Ji enough for the most precious gift that she brings to the world, a real divine gift from God. Thank you. – Michael

I would like to share a few words on how the Maha Ji Sacred Essence has helped and supported me. I was suffering with severe pain throughout my body, months of attending Doctors and Physical Therapy wasn’t working. Simultaneously I was hit with a traumatic event, which caused me extreme stress and anxiety, leading to panic attacks. I found myself sinking into feelings of isolation and despair, and I called out for help. This is when my good friend introduced me to Maha Ji Yoga Meditation and Sacred Essence. It was like an angel had been introduced to me, something very special happened, and I felt myself being supported and protected during one of the most challenging times of my life. Maha Ji and the Sacred Essence is incredible, all the pain in my body healed nearly instantaneously, and my anxiety disappeared. My whole life changed for the better, I discovered a sense of liberation and a new awareness of self, which is calm, grounded and healthy. I will be forever grateful to Maha Ji and the Sacred Essence for my full recovery. Thank you Maha Ji! Noelle ??

I was suffering from a digestive condition similar to ulcerative colitis, food was not metabolising properly, and I was experiencing lots of pain in my abdominal region and joint pain. It was like my system was breaking down. It was developing into a chronic condition. I was very worried and experiencing so much stress and struggling a lot. It was very tough mentally and emotionally. I had been to many different doctors and consultants trying different treatments and protocols. I only received temporary relief. I was first introduced to Shree Maharani Ji and the Sacred Essence by a very good friend of mine. When I started taking the Sacred Essence, I experienced an instant impact. I felt strength enter my digestive system, I could feel in my lower abdominal area healing occurring. It was amazing. I started to release many emotions; my thoughts became kinder. Sacred Essence was working and helping me in many ways, it has completely changed my life. I started to experience much more happiness and my home life also improved. So many changes started happening in my life. Many things that I had struggled with began to disappear. Life was opening up in the most amazing way. I am eternally grateful to Shree Maharani Ji and the Supreme Energy. Thank you so much! I am excited about life and optimistic about the future and appreciating all the gifts and opportunities, much gratitude and love. – Peter Joseph

Maha Ji. I’m very grateful that I can share my experiences with The Sacred Essence. How much support I have received taking it has been immeasurable, and in ways that has truly amazed me. I had a skin graft operation on the roof of my mouth to regenerate gum recession, the recurring pain I experienced after the fact was excruciating and debilitating, I received some Sacred Essence from my acupuncturist Michael Cox and applied it to the site of the pain and every time the pain completely vanished, I continued to take it and it helped me to make a full, complete recovery in a short space of time, and my gums regenerated more than the dentist said was biologically possible! I took a fall on a sand dune on my lower back. The pain I experienced as a result was excruciating, my mobility and ability to walk easily was affected. Applying the Sacred Essence to the site of the pain and taking it orally I made a full recovery in a matter of days rather than weeks returning to full bodily operation free of all pain! I had quite severe hand dryness, my skin was cracking and bleeding, it lasted many many weeks. Receiving some Sacred Essence, I applied it to the site of the dryness and immediately felt it work on the area. It was amazing as it was so instantaneous and I could feel right there and then the healing taking place. The next morning I saw a massive visual improvement, much of the dryness had disappeared, and within 2-3 days I made a full improvement without any trace of it left! Maha Ji, thank you so very much for this gift of the Sacred Essence that has supported me in so many ways. ?

The Sacred Essence has been an amazing gift that has healed me in many ways. I had chronic pains from many falls and injuries in the back, neck, shoulders, knees and so on. Those pains would often flare up making it difficult for me even to walk about. Doctors had recommended surgeries for several of them. After I began to take the Sacred Essence, I haven’t experienced those episodes of pain. I am truly grateful to Shree Maharani Ji for this. I would often feel exhausted and run down, unable to do any serious work. After I began to take Sacred Essence regularly, I haven’t experienced that any longer though I am working a lot more than before. There is so much more energy now than I had earlier. This is another incredible change I have noticed and for which I am grateful. Even more amazing is the inner healing I have been experiencing. In the last few years I have been going through some extraordinarily difficult experiences in my life. When I feel fearful, sad, hurt or discouraged, the Sacred Essence changes it instantly. I take sips of the Sacred Essence several times a day because I am sustained by it. Every time I face difficult situations and hardships or confront a challenge, I take the Sacred Essence and at once feel stronger and more at peace. I thank Shree Maharani Ji for this most powerful, healing, transforming gift. – John

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