Shree Maharani Ji, the Divine Feminine also known as Mataji, the Divine Mother, was born into the physical plane as a beautiful baby girl. Coming from the heavenly realms, her mission is to be devoted to God’s supreme love, to help all beings to realise God-body and Bhakti energy, Sanskrit for pure devotion, thus liberating themselves from the continuous cycles of suffering.

Though originally from India, she chose to be reincarnated in Ireland as her life here has many Divine purposes. God’s kingdom does not recognise countries and boundaries as these are only illusions created by the mind.

She was born into a family of five and she was the youngest of her two other siblings, her brother and her sister. Growing up in a family had its usual difficulties. Being an enlightened soul in a child’s body was quite normal for her. There was no confusion for her, just love for who she is and her love for God. But it was hard for many people to understand and accept the Divinity of the child. Even as a child she had extraordinary spiritual qualities, but nobody understood her pure nature. Those were extremely difficult and unpleasant times in her life. She made peace with all the hardships that she was subjected to. Even though she was a child growing through these difficulties, in her love for all humanity and all of nature, she prayed constantly for everyone with love and compassion.

As a child she was considered different from normal children as she did unusual meditations and people thought something was wrong with her. Instead of showing love and support, they withdrew from her and treated her differently. This did not faze her as she was continuously accompanied by another dimension. From when she can first recall she would meditate and have direct conversations with the Supreme Divine energy. She was also visited frequently by other deities and Divine dignitaries.

On many occasions, Jesus came to her. On one such extraordinary visitation, Jesus woke her up from her sleep. There was a brilliant white light that filled her room and shone through the window above her bedroom door and out onto the landing of her family home.

One of her parents entered the room to ask why she still had the light on. The child replied that she had not turned on the light but the light was Jesus. Her parent was in disbelief and checked the lamp and was utterly amazed to find that the plug had already been pulled out of the socket, and the great white light had still remained in the room. Startled and alarmed with the vision, the parent left the room and would never discuss it again.

At this stage, Shree Maharani Ji received many deep secret teachings which were beyond any understanding of the mind. The Supreme Energy would also come and play games with her as well as impart teachings. During her years growing up, the Supreme Energy would send many guides and protectors who would become forever devotees of Maharani Ji in this life and the next life. She would also be visited by many Masters which resulted in many ceremonies and initiations.

Countless people seek out Shree Maharani Ji for her divine teachings, healings and blessings as she continues to help and support people everywhere, all living beings and all of nature.