Maha Ji



From time immemorial, mantra has been recognised as a vital tool for spiritual seekers and devotees. It is a powerful means of connecting to the Divine from our hearts. Mantra helps not only to experience but to maintain that connection.
What the mantra means is the immense gift it gives to the one who uses it. Instead of focusing on the meaning of the words, which involves the mind, the mantra helps by quickly taking us out of our minds. So the purpose of the mantra is to free us from the mind’s sway and keep us connected to what is beyond the mind.

When we meditate, our mantra keeps us free from distracting thoughts that are often repetitive and even obsessive, many of them causing us to be overwhelmed by negative emotions. It is the nature of the mind to wander, it is the power of the mantra to steady the mind and keep us on track. Using the mantra with focus and awareness stills the mind and maintains the heart connection. In daily life of challenges and difficulties, and before commencing actions, using the mantra can help us navigate skillfully.

Reciting the mantra can lead us to vital transformations in our life. As the power of the mantra derives from its vibrational quality, it can infuse new energy in our lives and help us experience profound peace and stillness.

The mantra used in Maha Ji Yoga Meditation is Shree Maharani Ji’s gift to us.

Om is the primordial sound of creation and known as the universal name of God. Om indwells, pervades and surrounds all of creation.

Jai Jai Jai is the salutation of profound reverence and admiration.

Shree is used in bhajans, mantras, and prayers before the names of deities, to indicate their purity and power, and their connection with the Mother Goddess.

Yamuna refers to the holy river that showers all blessings on us.

Maharani refers to the Supreme Mother Goddess.

Ji means love.

Namaha means “not me”, “it is not about me”, “it is beyond me.” So Namaha is the reverence to the embodiment of the beyond or the transcendent in our midst.

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