Like the Ganga, the body of this energy is Divine. Submerge in the Supreme Consciousness (Lord Shiva) with yogic meditation.

This is the exercise for the yoga mind. Each and everybody works on an axle of vibratory energy. This is yoga, the art of liberation.

It is the mission of the soul to endeavour an awakening. It is the soul’s only purpose, its true mission.

The Ganga‘s power and knowledge is in each microcosm within the global spheres. The knowledge of spiritual evolution inside the body and the mind creates the purity and consciousness as that of a Yogi.

This is Ganga of pure love, devotion and luminosity. The flow ofher power and the scale of her inexhaustible volume and conscious spiritual presence creates Supreme Consciousness through the higher self with the practice of yogic meditation.

Only developing an axle of vibratory energy through the chakras and enveloping illumination through the spiritual vortex connects us to our spiritual body and our higher intuitive self.

Travel in the


The Ganga Goddess transports the cosmic energy through your higher soul (Atman) and into the presence of the Now body thus eliminating the mind in its lowest form and raising the vibration internally.
Who am I? Find out who you really are (Atma Vichar).
Explore the pain that holds you back from your true I am!
Heal the blocks
Develop your soul consciousness.
Attainment and Attunement
Healing with transmutation and transformation processes.
Uncover your true life purpose.
Travel in the chariot of our Lord Krishna to new dimensions, experience his cosmic image (Vishwaroopam) via the omnipresence of Shree Yamuna Maharani Ji.
Stay free and connected in peace in the arms of our Divine Mother.


Shree Yamuna is the Divine Mother Goddess represented by the most sacred river on the planet. This is the creation from the heavenly realms to sanctify mother earth. From one kilometre up in an unforgiving and inaccessible pass she flows through the highly celebrated Yamunotri which is the beginning and starting point at a height of 10804 feet.

Shree Yamuna has a sister Goddess called Ganga. This holy and sacred river also starts at the same origins. Both Shree Yamuna and Shree Ganga are daughters of Himavan and closely related to Shiva and his wife Parvati with their two sons Ganesh and Kartikeya residing in their sacred abode on Mount Kailash, in the holy Himalayan mountains. Both sisters have special qualities. The Ganga Goddess is associated with asceticism, higher knowledge and liberation (Moksha) while the great Goddess Yamuna is revered as the wellspring of all spiritual abilities. Shree Yamuna is infinite love and compassion; she grants freedom even from the fear of death. She is represented as a beautiful woman of dusky complexion and standing on her mount, the tortoise, holding a water pot in her hand.

Shree Yamuna’s story continues as she descends from Yamunotri and makes her eager journey to meet her beloved Krishna to purify the world.

She flows down Kalinda mountain, which gives her the name Kalindi, the setting of a timeless love story, the backdrop of Krishna Lila (Divine play or frolic) where the special one plays with gopis (cowherd girls) and unites with Shree Yamuna in His eternal love.

Vrindavan is the timeless and sacred space where they watch over each other, inseparable as Lord Krishna lives in Shree Yamuna and Shree Yamuna lives in Lord Krishna, a bond that creates the supreme river of love. Shree Yamuna makes Her love for Lord Krishna available to all living beings. During Lord Krishna’s play on the banks of the great Shree Yamuna a great epic event takes place. It is where the evil serpent Kaliya had poisoned and destroyed life in and around the holy and sacred river of Shree Yamuna and frightened the beautiful Shree Radha who sought and cried out for Krishna’s help. Lord Krishna manifests his true nature, His universal form (Vishwaroopa) in the Kriya of Kaliyamardan, a great battle that commences where Shree Krishna dances on the many heads of Kaliya. During this battle Kaliya attacked Lord Krishna as Lord Krishna continued to battle and subdue Kaliya. Kaliya’s wives begged for his life, and in another great expression of Lord Krishna showing mercy, pardoned the demon banishing him from all of Shree Krishna’s territories.

Both Shree Yamuna and Shree Ganga continue their journeys from their birthplaces Yamunotri and Gangotri moving together on a parallel course. They are both closely connected to Lord Shiva who is also known as Gangadhara as Lord Shiva wears them in the lock of his hair and balances their power. The great Shree Durga was created by Shree Adi Parashakti for the service of the Supreme Divine Energy to battle Mahishasura, the evil demon that became too strong for all the other Gods and Goddesses. She defeated him in a long battle that lasted 15 days. Shree Durga also created Kali to help her fight the demons for the Supreme Energy and for the liberation of the Gods and Goddesses. Shree Durga and Shree Kali hold a very special place in Adi Parashakti’s heart for they are the true Goddesses of the Divine Light and the way.

A special moment of alchemy takes place in the evolvement of three becoming one where the great Goddesses Shree Yamuna, Shree Ganga and Shree Saraswati come together as one and form the holy rivers that is called the Ganga. This takes place at Prayag at Triveni Sangam, also known as the sacred confluence, creating a powerful new Divine Energy that is Mother to all. Adi Parashakti is the dynamic and creative force that is the Divine Mother. She is the embodiment of all that is and will ever be for She is the Supreme Being, the creator of heaven and earth.

She, the representation of the Supreme Energy, is the Divine Feminine, the Mother of infinite power and strength who sustains, nourishes and renews all beings. Millions of people from all over the world gather at the Triveni Sangam at the Kumbh Mela celebration every 12 years to witness and experience the alchemic union of the three holy rivers becoming one. Many sadhus and pilgrims immerse themselves in the greatness of the sacredness of the Ganga and experience many miracles. It is said that the devotee with the right intention will be transformed with love, healing, compassion and forgiveness that will have the most profound connection to themselves and to the Great Creator, Adi Parashakti.

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