Darshan is a Sanskrit word meaning Divine vision or connection to God. It is the beholding of a Deity or a Divine person. So darshan is regarded as a powerful form of devotion in the process of spiritual fulfilment. It leaves an indelible imprint on the soul and can lead to many insights, blessings and healings to the one who attends the darshan.

The darshan of Shree Maharani Ji, the Supreme Divine Mother, is a rarest of rare gifts for which your soul would have deeply yearned. It is an experience in which God speaks directly to the soul of the devotee enkindling in it pure Divine love and light. To the one who is present with devotion, the experience, even if it may not be perceptible in sensory ways, is an undeniably powerful help in one’s singular life purpose of self-realisation.

While there are many ceremonies with Shree Maha Ji which are done in private, the public ceremony of darshan is done for the benefit of people and is open to the public.

At the darshan Shree Maha Ji sits in silence. It is important that the one attending the darshan remains in a state of silent meditation with heart open in devotion to receive. Shree Maha Ji will be in Samadhi which is a state of direct communion with the Supreme Consciousness. In this silence, she communicates directly to the soul of the devotee and bestows blessings on every person in the darshan.

Sometimes Maha Ji might speak to the person, or to everybody, through teachings, or through a prayer. It is important to remain in silent meditation at this time unless she speaks to you directly. If she does speak to you directly, it is important to keep your answers very brief knowing that she does not need any personal history as she will know exactly what you need. Whether she speaks to you in words or communicates directly with your soul, this in time will bring about Self-Realisation.

This darshan can be the biggest help, the brightest light and surest support on your path of life. Being present at the darshan with open hearted devotion has the power to answer the deepest yearnings of your soul.

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