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Is a three-phase system, the first is to reach a point of relaxation, but we must consider that we have to relax both the body and mind.Then the second stage after we learned to truly feel relaxation, we need to find singular focus concentration that will bring us into a quiet stillness both mentally and emotionally.Lastly the final stage of meditation is to expand our consciousness.

Ultimately our consciousness is infinite and we at this point in our evolution, feeling boxed into this one body and a one-dimensional personality.With learned meditation we go beyond that into our infinite reality. This expansion and awareness is lying dormant in the superconscious until it’s awakened.

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Maha Ji Yoga Meditation:


The Sanctuary, Stanhope Street, Dublin 7, D07 H290

Avila, Bloomfield Avenue. Donnybrook, Dublin, D04 YF66 4

Maha Ji Yoga Meditation at Avila Centre

Maha Ji Yoga Meditation is delighted to welcome you back. back to Maha Ji Yoga Meditation. The last few years have shown us how powerfully healing and transforming this meditation is. Maha Ji joins us and supports us in this meditation showering Divine blessings on us all.




We begin with the sacred chants of the Japas followed by brief introduction of Maha Ji Yoga Meditation. This also includes the teachings of the pranayama breathing techniques Guided/Silent meditation by Mata Ji.

What to bring:

Meditation cushion and water bottle. Chairs will be available.

Everybody is welcome:

If you have friends or family members who may be interested, please bring them along or share the information with them. They may be grateful to you for the gift you are giving them through this.


Every First Tuesday of the Month
Time: 7.30 – 8.30 pm


Venue: Avila Centre, Bloomfield Avenue.
Donnybrook, Dublin 4. D04 YF66.


Dr. Francis – 085 702-6131 or
Michael – 087 756-9716
Donation at the door

Pre-registration not required for in person attendance.

Om Jai Jai Jai Shree Yamuna

Maharani Ji Namaha

The goal and principle of Maha Ji Yoga Meditation is the manifestation of love, healing and compassion leading to the transformation and awareness of the original and divinity.

Maha Ji Quotations

You are not the reflection in the mirror, you are pure ananda. You have forgotten how to enter the kingdom of light, let me show you the way. (Shree Maharani Ji)

Your body is that of God’s body, everything is possible. (Shree Maharani Ji)
The only reason for birth is Self-Realisation, everything else is illusory. (Shree Maharani Ji)

Be the light that rises with the sun after darkness, the scent of the heavenly roses and the glorious chant that knows God, be it all, there are no limits. (Shree Maharani Ji)

You cannot teach how to love, it is the frequency of connection from Source Energy. It is what connects all of us.
And the acknowledgement we belong to one another. One is love, love is one. As you awaken, the expansion of love awakens and ananda is born. (Shree Maharani Ji)

Lord says, “Let me lead you from Darkness to Light.” You are born from Light, you know it as your father and your mother. It is the blissful state of all life, it is the beginning. (Shree Maharani Ji)

Step into the reality which is right for you, each road a different dimension, each road a stimulating story. Some are shadows and some are light filled roads, you will only know when you connect to your inner council and through the essential light body. This is the perpetuating karmic path, you must learn through your own soul how to master the journey. (Shree Maharani Ji)

Your mouth is the opening to the dwelling of internal garden which blooms according to the seeds that are sown. Choose the most profound. (Shree Maharani Ji)

Sacred Essence

The most Sacred Essence is of the highest frequencies and is of the celebration of Divine love. It benefits homeostasis and wellbeing.

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Distant Healing

Maharani Ji had many years of visions and intense meditations that included initiations taught to her through the secret Sacred Divine language direct from the Supreme Source.

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Chants and Bhajans from India.

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We at Maha Ji provide various services to the nature of the clients. Wish how you would like to spend the time here we can talk and come to a conclusion.


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We at MAHA JI provide various services to the nature of the clients. Wish how you would like to spend the time here we can talk and come to a conclusion.

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